An eclectic approach to a Jewish worldview

Video Series

Teachings exploring an Orthodox Jewish and kabbalistic worldview, with critical analysis of the common teachings of Christianity, for people exploring philosophies and spiritual concepts of Judaism who have been immersed in various forms of Christianity (including "messianic Jewish" Christianity).

Earning a Living, 
Earning a Life

This is our opening session exploring the wonderful new book from Breslov Research Institute by Rabbi Chaim Kramer on our relationship with money, success, work and sustenance.

The book can be found here:

Joshua Series

Mayim Chayim Beit Midrash. Diving deep into Jewish sources, we find some amazing aspects of Joshua's role, mission, and parallels. Many Christian claims about Jesus are based upon his supposed "fulfillment" of certain ideas. Is this the case? Or, did the authors of the NT simply "lift" certain ideas from the Oral Tradition and apply them to Jesus, thereby creating that impression? You be the judge.

Derech HaShem

Mayim Chayim Beit Midrash. Based upon the book "Derech HaShem" and the teachings of Rabbi Mendel Kessin. Please note that the first number of sessions in this series were being offered to a mostly Christian-based audience seeking to learn Jewish spirituality. This is why there are references to Christian texts in a positive light. The teacher is not messianic or Christian.
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Making connections

This journey doesn't have to be alone. There are many out there who have experienced the same trek up and down the mountain in a search for spiritual completeness.  I welcome you to join me on this journey by taking a minute to sign-up for updates of latest articles and books.
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