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Signed Copy: There's No Such Thing As Magic Blood (HARDCOVER)



Signed Copy of A Memoir: There's No Such Thing As Magic Blood

What would you do if the untouchable doctrines of your faith crumbled before your eyes, and could not be put back together?

This is a spiritual memoir like no other in its genre.

The author recounts his emotional and spiritual journey, from being raised in a blue-collar Roman Catholic family, to serving as an Evangelical pastor, to ultimately leaving Jesus and his magic blood behind altogether and converting to Judaism.

The author weighs in on such topics as:

  • the Christian concept of "salvation" and "atonement"
  • modern Evangelicalism's reliance upon entertainment and music
  • why Christianity downplays the role of the biblical covenants
  • atheism vs. theism
  • groupthink and why people don't question their dogmas
  • why insecure people are susceptible to religious abuse
  • religious extremism and its problems
  • why simply changing religions is not a solution to deeper issues
  • finding balance and peace after escaping religious trauma

There's No Such Thing as Magic Blood will challenge everything you thought you knew about religious life in America and might leave you asking questions about your own involvement that you never thought you would ask.

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