An eclectic approach to a Jewish worldview


I’m an author, small-business owner and learning enthusiast. I was raised in a working-class Roman Catholic family. I became a “born-again” Christian at the age of eighteen while at college, and ultimately became a pastor in a major evangelical denomination. Eventually, I joined the Messianic Jewish movement before finally leaving Christianity and Jesus behind altogether. 
My wife and I converted to Judaism through the Masorti movement in very early 2020. Through this forum, my desire to provide resources that help people like myself on their spiritual journey, wherever it may lead them.

A Memoir

What if the untouchable doctrines of your faith came crashing to earth in flames?  What would you do? Being raised in a Roman Catholic home and a survivor of sexual abuse by a Boy Scout leader I became 'born again' in college. 

This led to a mercurial journey through many forms of Christianity.  I wrote this memoir to share the psychological journey of seeking meaning in a confusing world which fails to meet the expectations of simple faith and my attempt to wrestle through this problem.

Making connections

This journey doesn't have to be alone. There are many out there who have experienced the same trek up and down the mountain in a search for spiritual completeness.  I welcome you to join me on this journey by taking a minute to sign-up for updates of latest articles and books.
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